A Hollywood Executive authors "The Ghost Photographer" and Reveals GHOSTS

A dynamic and successful business woman, Julie Rieger, the award-winning president, chief data strategist, and head of media at 20th Century Fox, told me that after her father was interred in Arlington National Cemetery to honor his military service, she was forced to deal with yet another round of grief with the death of her mom. 

While learning to cope with the loss of her parents, she discovered ghosts were attempting to make themselves known to her through photographs.

Unfortunately, I only had eight minutes to speak with her as she jumped from one interviewer to the next and there is so much more I want to know.  If I get the chance to speak with her again, I promise I'll share.

Meanwhile, here's our conversation and info on a book anyone fascinated by "the other side" and ghosts will want to read!  The Podcast picks up as I was on hold , waiting my turn to speak with Julie.

The link that she mentions to see her ghosts is www.julierieger.com    

For a few of her GHOST pictures click here 

I talk with Julie Rieger this week on the Michael J Pod! Listen here with the link just below.


Julie's book is already getting great reviews on Amazon, where it's for sale

Here are a couple of the comments from readers of this book.  

"I bought this book thinking it was a photography book. To my COMPLETE SHOCK, it is a book which explains the gut wrenching process of losing a parent, but more importantly losing something that you (and I) thought was un-loseable. The 'calm' that comes from almost getting inexplicable signs from spirits that you describe happened to me. AND almost every person I have spoken to who has lost a parent. And when death happens, you seek desperately for answers, and find only the standard books about NDEs or from Kubler Ross (ie generic books about the afterlife).Now I am halfway through, and do not think I have ever IN MY LIFE had such a heart-pounding, intense experience while reading a book. Nor have I ever gone through the experience of:* having the wind sucked out of me, completely in shock with finally hearing a description of EXACTLY how it felt to lose my mom last year* having the strange experience of crying one second (as much as I cried when it happened last year) and cracking up with laughter the next secondMrs Rieger, this book needs to be handed to anyone who loses a parent. I have not had such an eye opening experience to what I PERSONALLY felt after my mom passed away, since I read this book. My mom had a variation of Alzheimer's also, and the completely impossible process of watching someone decline (physically, cognitively, etc), and the terrible guilt it throws on you to 'live your life' by going to work, and trying to bring your parent live closer to you, I thought was a unique impossibility I faced. Reading your words, I am shocked about how eloquently you discuss what happened to you, and somehow interweave such a HILARIOUS writing style.What you said: "Everything in my life collapsed the day my mother died" and "Grief makes you question why you are even alive. Nothing matters." is exactly how I have felt since this happened. I hope to one day experience the transformative experience you mention.Regardless, I AM SO THANKFUL to have come across this book. Thank you Amazon for somehow letting me stumble on it."She was the light of my life, the hub of my wheel. She brought me into this world and then unbelievably she left it. And I do mean unbelievably. Because I never believed that my mother would go away. Nor could I have anticipated the depths of my grief when she did. My mom was like air or gravity. An incredible force of nature that I took for granted as a constant."........ WOW, WOW, WOW, exactly, exactly, exactly, exactly how I feel still a year and a half later."

-Kindle Customer

5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome!


 October 10, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

"Really fun read by an amazing woman. Must read. Wonderful and funny story which is very hard to put down!"

Looks like a Must Read! - Michael J

                              All photographs courtesy of Julie Rieger/Simon and Shuster Inc.

As a senior executive at one of the world’s largest movie studios, Julie Rieger spent her days marketing the imaginary stories of ghosts, faeries, superheroes, aliens, and more fantastical creatures. But after the devastating loss of her mother, the world of make-believe became reality when Julie captured her first ghost in a photograph and blew open a door to the Other Side.

The Ghost Photographer chronicles Julie’s wild ride down the spiritual rabbit hole. After a series of unexpected, mind-blowing, and sometimes frightening encounters with the spirit realm, Julie was forced to face this strange awakening, flying in the face of scientific dogma and her own die-hard skepticism. Ultimately, she discovered that what she thought she had lost with the death of her mother—unconditional love—was in fact the greatest superpower one can wield.

In a refreshing departure from traditional supernatural tales, Julie tells her story with bold humor and total candor. Her journey juxtaposes her down-home roots in rural America with the glam of Hollywood and her professional universe of hard, empirical data. Julie is empowered to fearlessly tell her story, teach others, and invite them to share their own experiences of the paranormal and unexplained. She offers insights into our relationship with the spirit world, prayers and rituals for cleansing and protecting our homes from unwanted ghosts, and guidance on how to develop our intuition and sixth sense.

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