Neighborhood Nightmares and HOA Horror Stories


Today,my buddy Bobby told me that his neighbor sent his girlfriend Lindsay a message that Bobby needed to mow his yard. WHAT?!  As a home owner myself, I've got plenty of my own to share. 

The story reminded me of the reason we moved from our last house. The Homeowners Association. 

I would go so far to say that if you are considering buying a new house and it has a HOA, keep looking. Sure they maintain neighborhood standards but they also offer an open invitation for the architectural committee to stick their nose into every part of your life. 

The straw that broke my camel's back was when we repainted the front door. It was painted white and was all marked up from being kicked, the dog jumping on it and dirt from the weather. My wife picked out a plum color that she liked and I repainted it. All was good until the President of the architectural committee informed me that I'd have to change the color because it wasn't acceptable, on MY single family home.  

Fact was, I had spent nearly $300,000 to improve the house, new windows, new roof, new landscaping and on and on and the house looked 100% better then it ever did but they were going to give us grief over plum door color on a completely white painted brick house. UGH! 

Do you have a Neighborhood nightmare story too? Share it here.


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