A Proposal Happened On Stage at Hot Country Nights with Chase Rice!

All eyes were on one particular couple at Hot Country Nights with Chase Rice on June 28 at Power Plant Live because THEY GOT ENGAGED ON STAGE!

Instagram user @scooter_finch1 planned an EPIC proposal for his now-fiancee, @amys_25 because what Amy thought would just be a fun night out would turn into a night she would cherish forever! During the bridge of "Ride," Chase looked out into the audience and pointed out Amy to come join him on stage and as she shuffled through the audience to the barricade, Scooter was shortly behind her. Amy took center stage to be serenaded by Chase during the last chorus of the song and at about 1:22 in the video below, you can see Chase look off to the side of the stage and Scooter swoop in on one knee behind his girl. IT'S HAPPENING! In that moment, Chase stepped to the side and all eyes were on the couple as Scooter muttered out "will you marry me" in front of a packed Power Plant Live! Speechless, Amy instantly became emotional and nodded her head yes!

To make the night even more special, it turns out the Amy's dad was in the audience when it all went down! After a victorious "YES!" from Chase, the band fittingly went into his number one song, "Eyes On You" 😍


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