British Foodie Reviews Baltimore's Old Bay Snacks on TikTok

We here in Maryland know how we feel about Old Bay and crabs, but what do they think across the pond?

UK foodie Dawn Farmer went viral during the pandemic thanks to a video of her trying ranch dressing for the first time. Since then, people from all around the world have sent her food and snacks to try and recently she received a box of goodies from right here in Maryland! Her box included Herr’s Old Bay potato chips and cheese curls and caramel cremes.

Surprisingly, this isn't her first crack at our beloved snacks. Back in April, Farmer was sent "Baltimore In A Box" which included Red Truck beef jerky seasoned with Old Bay, Utz crab chips, Otterbein’s Chocolate Chip cookies, Old Bay seasoned caramel popcorn and Berger cookies. So what does she think? Check it out below!