Stouffers Announces New "LasagnaMac" Mash Up!

What's better than lasagna and mac n cheese? Probably nothing.

Everyone's favorite frozen food company, Stouffer's, just announced their latest food mashup LasagnaMac, which is exactly what it sounds like. Talk about the ultimate comfort food, LasagnaMac sounds pretty delicious and it's pretty simple, think Stouffer's classic lasagna with a layer of mac n' cheese in the middle. Megan McLaughlin, brand marketing manager for Stouffer’s, said, "Bringing together two of our best-selling products is a simple way to express the intent of our new marketing campaign, Happyfull. We worked to create a recipe that will make our fans feel both happy and full. LasagnaMac is a great example of how our innovation is anchored in consumer obsession – and not to mention, it's incredibly delicious."

According to their announcement on Instagram, you can expect to see their latest and greatest creation on store shelves this summer!