Maskless Women Gets Arrested Mid Temper Tantrum (WATCH)

These videos will never cease to amaze me.

Police were called to a situation at a Texas Nordstrom store claiming a woman (Kara Bell) pushed her way into a dressing room without wearing a mask. Once police arrived, Bell refused to cooperate, refused to identify herself and proceeded to lecture the two officers for roughly 5 minutes on the law and how to do their jobs. She ranted about how she was assaulted and wanted to press charges, how she is a "woman of God" and how it's her "God given right" to be there.

Bell also launched into a tirade about how there was allegedly another woman who wasn't wearing a mask but she was the only one reported because she is white, claiming racism. After a frustrating back and forth, the officers finally just arrested her, and her reaction is priceless.