Dream Job Alert: MLB Hot Dog Tester

This is my dream job, no joke.

The website bonusfinder.com is searching for a baseball and hot dog superfan to travel around the country visiting MLB stadiums and testing out hot dogs. It pays $500 and you get to watch baseball and eat hot dogs all day, what more could you want in a gig? The judging criteria they're looking for is pretty simple, check it out:

  • Hot dog appearance and color
  • Quality of the bun and bread flavor
  • Hot dog flavour complexity and quality of meat
  • Sauce and topping generosity
  • Value for money
  • Game entertainment and quality
  • Stadium atmosphere and excitement

If this sounds as exciting to you as it does to me, there's a simple form on their website to fill out if you wanna throw your hat in the ring for this dream job, click here to apply!