NBC Releases Never Before Seen Clip From "The Office" Finale (WATCH)

Plenty of people, okay all of us, were less than thrilled to find out The Office was leaving Netflix for a move to Peacock. But the move came with an unexpected yet delightful surprise, a 4 minute long never before seen cold open from The Office finale!

The never before seen cold open features Jim & Pam playing a "Matrix" inspired prank on Dwight with the help of Hank the security guard. In the four-minute clip, Jim and Pam recruit Hank to play the part of Dorpheus, Morpheus' brother, ultimately hacking Dwight's computer and getting him to go find Hank in the warehouse. hank reveals he's "really" Dorpheus, and well, I don't want to ruin for you. Check it out below!