Bill Burr's SNL Monologue Has Offended Everyone

The entire internet seems offended, all for different reasons, thanks to Bill Burr and his SNL monologue. He criticized White women hijacking the “woke movement," and he also made a joke about the length of Gay Pride month versus Black History Month. Take a look and judge for yourself!

As expected, SNL did tackle the fly that landed on Mike Pence's head during the VP debate last week. The cold open was met with mixed reactions, take a look.

In a touching tribute to the late Van Halen who died of cancer at 65 on Tuesday, "The White Stripes" frontman Jack White abandoned his own guitar to instead use a cobalt blue model designed by Van Halen for White himself while performing his song, "Lazaretto."  The show then featured a short clip of Van Halen's guitar performance in February 1987 on "Saturday Night Live." Host Bill Burr ended the show by saying "rest in peace, Eddie Van Halen."