Doctors Produce 3D View of Lungs Infected By Coronavirus (WATCH)

It seems like the entire world is on lock down ever since the coronavirus has swept through country after country, infecting thousands and claiming many lives all over.

Doctors and health experts are adamant in their message that social distancing and quarantining yourself away from other people is the only way to flatten the curve and get this thing under control. We are learning new things about the virus each day, most recently that a loss of smell and taste can be a sign you may be positive for coronavirus and pink eye might also be and indicator you're infected. To try and help people understand the severity of this respiratory virus, doctors have created a 3D view of a patients' lungs infected by coronavirus. This particular patient is a man in his 50s.

“The respiratory symptoms progressed quite rapidly, to the point where he had to be intubated and put on the ventilator,” said Dr. Keith Mortman. Mortman is chief of thoracic surgery at George Washington University Hospital. “What you’re seeing in the video, essentially the blue part is the more normal lung, but anything you’re seeing that’s yellow is lung that’s being destroyed by the virus,” Mortman said.

“I really want them [people] to see this and understand the damage that’s being done to the lungs, the severity of the disease that this is causing. Perhaps, maybe they think twice before having a house-party or going outside with large groups.”

Click below to watch the entire video!

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