Costco Will Not Let You Return Your Hoarded Items

If you panic bought at Costco (okay so all of us) due to the Coronavirus, don't try and return anything, they won't take it.

Generally Costco has a super lenient return policy, however times are different and they’re refusing to take returns of anything that’s part of your stockpile like toilet paper, paper towels, rice, water, sanitizing wipes, and Lysol. It should also be noted that it's unclear on whether or not this is an official policy of Costco, however multiple Costco fan accounts have posted signs from several stores saying they won’t take returns on these items. One can only assume this is now the case to hopefully make people think twice before panic buying the next time (hopefully there won't be a next time. Plus, it will lower the risk of contact which may spread the virus.)

Many people are supportive of Costco & their new, unofficial policy, "This is such great news!, one person noted. “I’m tired of all those people that buy toilet paper and think they can just return it later when they don’t need it.” Another added, "It’s about time! Too many people taking advantage of their return policy.”

Photo: Getty Images

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