Duncan Hines Launching Keto Cake Cups You Can Make In The Microwave!!!

Keto lovers rejoice!!!

No more sifting through recipes and figuring out which one tastes the best, no more buying all separate ingredients to create tasty treats because Duncan Hines is launching keto cake cups you can just heat up in the microwave! If you're unfamiliar with keto, it's a low carb diet where you're also supposed to avoid added sugars, so how would one enjoy cake on the keto diet?


Somehow they've created keto cake cups with no added sugar and only 5g of net carbs! There are three flavors of these microwavable dessert cups, walnut fudge brownie, double chocolate cake, and birthday cake. These sweets are set to hit the shelves in March and will be sold for around $2.15. And if this isn't enough to be excited about, there's basically no prep time. All you do is add some water, butter, olive oil, whichever you prefer, give it a stir and pop it in the microwave for about a minute. Cake on keto has never been easier!



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