Netflix's New Aaron Hernandez Doc. May Be The Most Chilling Yet (WATCH)

Most people know about former Patriots' star Aaaron Hernandez' fall from grace, but how much do you really know?

Netflix just dropped the trailer for their new 3 part documentary Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez that starts streaming January 15th, and it examines what led to the murderous fall and shocking death of former NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez. There's footage of his childhood, high school football days and interviews with people he grew up with and how that shaped the person he grew into. The trailer also shows plenty of clips of his arrest for the murder of his soon to be brother in law, court room footage and even a short clip of his former teammate, Rob Gronkowski, being asked about him and refusing to answer.

There have been other documentaries released surrounding Aaron Hernandez, but this one definitely looks like the most in depth and chilling one of all.



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