New Year, New Laws In Maryland: What You Need To Know!

A new year means new laws taking effect in Maryland and here's a quick rundown of everything that's getting an upgrade this year!

Maryland is kicking off the new year with a $1 increase to its minimum wage; employees with now earn $11 per hour. A company with 15 or more employees are in for some future minimum wage increases as well, eventually reaching $15 per hour come 2025. Companies with 14 or fewer employees will also be held to that $15 per hour standard, but not until 2026.

Now that it's 2020, authorities are required to test rape kits which are swabs and samples collected in sexual assault cases that can be used for DNA testing and evidence. Local police departments are getting some aid with this one as lawmakers have set aside $3.5 million to help test them.

And lastly, in Maryland’s most populous county, Montgomery County, the Law Enforcement Trust and Transparency Act is going into effect as well which requires all police-involved deaths to be investigated by an outside law enforcement agency.

Happy new year!



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