411: New ABC Song Is Life Ruining, Bill Murray Wants To Work At PF Chang's

Internet Erupts Over New Alphabet Song

  • The website Dream English changed the classic ABC’s to clarify the LMNOP section & the internet is losing it
  • Dream English is a website that aims to "make educational music that is not only filled with important phrases and grammar but is also enjoyable to listen to"
  • A Twitter user who first brought attention to this atrocity pointed out, “They changed the ABC song to clarify the LMNOP part, and it is life ruining.”


Bill Murray Wants To Work At PF Chang’s

  • Bill Murray has a job at PF Chang’s, if he wants it
  • Apparently the veteran actor thinks working at PF Chang’s “looks like the best time”—that’s what he revealed on Amy Schumer’s podcast
  • He also said he’s actually applied at the PF Chang’s in the Atlanta airport because he thinks that’s “one of the great places”
  • PF Chang’s did tweet Bill saying he’s hired & asking when can he start


Jennifer Aniston Confirms “Something In The Works” With The Cast of Friends

  • Jennifer Aniston visited The Ellen Show the other day and denied, again, that there will ever be a Friends reboot, but did confirm “something is in the works”
  • When Ellen starting pressing Jen about a Friends reboot, she had this to say, “Listen, we would love for there to be something but we don’t know what that something is, so… we’re just trying… we’re working on something”
  • She stopped short of saying any more, arguing that she doesn’t want to “lead people on.”


HBO Passes on Game of Thrones Prequel

  • First came word that HBO dropped the "Game of Thrones" prequel
  • The original pilot was going to star Naomi Watts and shared no characters with the original show
  • Rumors of the initial scenes not being well received by audiences & trouble shooting in Northern Ireland had something to do with it
  • But it turns out another prequel is moving forward—“House of the Dragon” will tell the story of the House of Targaryen 300 years before the events of GOT



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