This Lifesaving Chart Will Tell You How Much To Tip Literally Everyone

Tipping is probably one of the most subjective things out there with people all over the place with who you should tip, how much you should tip, and if some people deserve tips at all. The Emily Post Institute has come up with a comprehensive list of tipping guidelines for everyone from bartenders & waitstaff to the bellhop, manicurist & more. Check out the list below, do you agree with these numbers?


Wait service (sit down): 15-20%, pre-tax

Wait service (buffet): 10%, pre-tax

Host or Maitre d’: No obligation for greeting you and showing you to your table. $10-$20 for going above and beyond to find you a table on a busy night or on occasion, if you are a regular patron

Take Out: No obligation; 10% for extra service (curb delivery) or a large, complicated order

Home Delivery: 10-15% of the bill, $2-5 for pizza delivery depending on the size of the order and difficulty of delivery

Bartender: $1-2 per drink or 15-20% of the tab

Tipping jars: No obligation; tip occasionally if your server or barista provides a little something extra or if you are a regular customer.

Restroom Attendant: $0.50-$3, depending on the level of service

Valet: $2-$5. Tip when the car is returned to you.


Skycap: $2 first bag, $1 per additional bag

Doorman: A smile and a “thanks” when he opens the door, plus $1-$4 for carrying luggage; $1-$2 for hailing cab (add an extra $1 if it’s raining); $1-$4 beyond the call of duty.

Bellhop: $2 first bag; $1 per additional bag; $2-3 for each additional service, such as room delivery.

Housekeeper: $2-$5 per day, left daily with a note marked “Housekeeping – Thank you”

Concierge: No obligation for answering questions. $5-10 for tickets or restaurant reservations; $15 for hard-to-get tickets or reservations (or 10-20% of the ticket price)

Taxi Driver: 15-20% of the fare, but minimally $1; $2 for the first bag carried, $1 per additional bag.


Hair Salon: 15-20%, ask to be split among those who served you

Manicurist: 15-20%

Facial, waxing, massage: 15-20%



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