411: Harry & Meghan Suing Tabloid, Justin Timberlake "Tackled" In Paris

Harry & Meghan Suing British Tabloid

  • The Duke & Dutchess of Sussex have had enough of the hounding and bullying of Meghan Markle in the press & have decided to take legal action
  • Harry has announced that they’re taking legal action against “Daily Mail's" “Mail on Sunday” for their “false” and “deliberately derogative” coverage of Meghan – particularly, the “unlawful publication of a private letter.”
  • They published excerpts of a private letter Meghan wrote to her estranged father Thomas Markle after her wedding
  • Harry put out a lengthy statement about the “human cost” of the media’s “relentless campaign,” saying his “deepest fear is history repeating itself”—of course eluding to his mother, Princess Diana’s, untimely death


Justin Timberlake “Tackled” At Paris Fashion Week

  • Well known prankster Vitalii Sediuk “tackled” Justin Timberlake as he entered the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2020 show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday.
  • And by tackled it actually means attached himself to the singer's leg and security had to get him off
  • Justin and his wife, Jessica Biel, were good sports about the situation
  • So in short, he was not tackled or ambushed, some prankster just thought it would be funny to grab his leg


Coca Cola Bringing Energy Drinks To The US

  • The beverage company will start selling four varieties of its energy drink — Coca-Cola Energy, Coca-Cola Energy Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Energy Cherry and Coca-Cola Energy Cherry Zero Sugar — in the United States in mid-January
  • These are already available internationally so you may have seen/tasted them before
  • The Coca Cola energy drinks have 4x the amount of caffeine as a regular can of coke & they’ll be a little pricier than a regular can of soda


Yuengling & Hershey Team For Chocolatey Beer Collab

  • Here's a sweet collaboration sure to set beer and chocolate lovers' mouths watering: Yuengling and Hershey's have concocted a new chocolate porter
  • The collaboration will be available in 22 states and only for a limited time until February
  • This is Yuengling’s first collaborative beer in its 190 year history



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