There's A Crazy Sale Happening Right Now At Yankee Candle!

Happy first day of fall y'all! (casually ignoring the 90 degree forecast....)

Despite the fact the 10 day forecast has us in the upper 80's into October, it is technically fall, which is why I am decorating my apartment with leaves and changing over all my clothes to my fall wardrobe STAT. Fall is my favorite, I love everything about it, i would love it even more if it started to cool off sooner rather than later, but until that happens I'll just have to fill my apartment with fall scented candles and crank the AC.

Speaking of fall scented candles...Yankee Candle is having a mega sale right now to prepare you for the cold months ahead. If you buy 3 candles, you can get 3 FREE with the promo code DM909A. That's 6 candles in case you're bad at math. Now, I acknowledge that Yankee Candles' big candles are expensive, $30 bucks a pop for a candle is a little steep....however, they'll literally last you forever plus it's really like getting half off. When you buy 3, you're at $90, but then you get 3 free, so it's 6 candles for just $90, obviously better than the $180 it'll cost you without the sale. You can also just buy one and get one free, or buy two candles and get two free. (that's the key)

The sale goes through next Sunday, September 29th, happy shopping!



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