#411: J Lo For Superbowl 2020, Brad Paisley Heading To Amazon & More!

J Lo Nearing Deal For 2020 Superbowl

  • The rumor mill is buzzing saying that Jennifer Lopez is nearing a deal to perform at this years’ Superbowl halftime show…according to insiders the deal is “extremely close to being done”
  • Back in July, Lopez directly addressed booking the coveted gig. "Yeah, we've thought about the Super Bowl and that it's in Miami is a big deal but we'll see," she said

Brad Paisley Heading To Amazon

  • Brad Paisley will co-write and executive produce an in-the-works project for Amazon titled Fish Out of Water.
  • The 30-minute comedy series is described as a "Larry Sanders take on celebrity vanity projects" and focuses on Brad's struggle to "keep a simple little fishing show from turning into his own personal Fyre Festival."
  • No premiere date has been announced yet

Target Is Finally Introducing A Legit Loyalty Program That Will Pay You For Over Spending

  • The program, called Target Circle, launches October 6 and comes with a whole host of incentives for shopping
  • You’ll earn 1% on all your purchases to redeem later when you're a Target Circle member—every little bit helps!
  • Members will also receive personalized deals and offers, early access to sales as well as a birthday present a la Starbucks & Sephora!
  • Target Circle also asks you, the shopper, to help Target choose what local charities to help

Wendy’s Launching Breakfast Nationwide

  • Wendy’s, one of the only major fast food chains to hold out on nationwide breakfast, is changing things up as of next year
  • Right now they only serve breakfast in roughly 4% of their restaurants but as of next year they’re rolling out nationwide breakfast to all 6700 restaurants
  • Items on Wendy's breakfast menu includes the Breakfast Baconator, Frosty-ccino and Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit
  • They’re investing $20 million dollars into this rollout plus hiring 20,000 new employees to help support the newest venture
  • More details to come October 11th at their Investor Day


Annual Apple Event

  • Apple’s annual unveiling of new products & services is taking place today (1pm EST) in California
  • The tech giant is supposed to reveal the iPhone 11 plus an Apple watch update as well
  • Experts & analysts are speculating the iPhone 11 will be a let down & won’t sell well
  • Apple will also live stream the event on YouTube



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