Boston Market Giving Away 1 Ton Of Their Best Side Dish Ever...Mac & Cheese

Boston Market's mac and cheese easily comes out on top of any and every match up, it's simply the best and I will not be convinced otherwise. And now, you can win ONE TON of it.

The restaurant chain is launching a new Rotisserie Rewards program that will give customers who use their app points for every purchase, along with bonuses like a free side or dessert when you hit 30 points. But the real prize? That comes when you hit 10,000 points – the first person to do that can cash the points in for one-ton of the side dish of their choice. As in a literal ton– 2,000-pounds – of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, or whichever of their sides you want.

Sure, you have to spend an obscene amount of money to get that many Boston Market points, but you could swim in that much mac and cheese. #winning



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