This Woman Could Be The Very First In The NFL!

Could we see the very first woman in the NFL sometime soon? Hopefully!

U.S. women's national soccer team star Carli Lloyd says she is considering an offer to kick for an NFL team, after a 55-yard field goal she kicked last week at an Eagles-Ravens practice raised eyebrows.

"I am having discussions with my husband [Brian Hollins] and [trainer] James [Galanis] about the reality of playing in the NFL,"Lloyd says. "They both feel that I could do it and should consider it. So, I'm seriously considering it, as it's a challenge." Galanis told Fox Sports on Monday that some NFL teams had approached Lloyd, with one unnamed team offering to add her to its roster for the final preseason game this week. Unfortunately that preseason game conflicted with her match against Portugal, so she had to turn down the offer.

"I was laughing about it with my husband at first. But now I'm sort of entertaining the idea," Lloyd says. "I think that I definitely could do it with the right practice and the right technique and get my steps down and figure all that out.



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