Brian Austin Greene Reveals Who He Hooked Up With IRL On BH 90210!

It's the hit of the summer, the BH90210 reboot airs Wednesday nights on Fox and the nostalgia is REAL.

Brian Austin Greene is back with the rest of his 1990's co-stars and recently revealed which of his co-stars he hooked up during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. A caller asked the actor if he ever had a "romantic relationship" with Tori Spelling, to which Greene actually answered! “We hooked up,” Green said. “We did. But we were young and so that’s what young people do.”

Greene wasn't done there however, host Andy Cohen then asked about the rest of his female co-stars, by name, and it turns out Tori Spelling isn't the only one Greene got busy with. Check out the clip below to find out all the details! (fast forward to the 4 minute mark)



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