Olive Garden Is Offering Their Never Ending Pasta Pass For LIFE!

Give me all of the pasta please!

Olive Garden's epic Never Ending Pasta Pass is back but this time they're upping the anti by making it a lifetime deal! While regular Pasta Pass holders will get to enjoy unlimited bowls of noodles for nine weeks from September 23rd to November 24th for $100, the first 50 fans to complete their online transaction can “opt-in” and upgrade to the lifetime version for an additional $400. But the passes are only available for 30 minutes - or until sold out - starting at 2pm ET on Thursday (August 15th). If you happen to be lucky enough to snag one of these lifetime passes, you'll get your money's worth after about 45 bowls of pasta!

Oh yeah, if you remember last year, the 24,000 pasta passes sold out in less than a minute so these will definitely go fast!



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