#411: Snickers Giving Away 1 Million Free Candy Bars

Snickers Will Give Away 1 Million Candy Bars If The Government Changes The Date of Halloween

  • A Change.org petition is lobbying for the date of Halloween to be changed to the last Saturday of the month—to be clear, the petition really just wants the official day of trick or treating to be moved to the last Saturday in October, they’re fine if Halloween stays on the 31st
  • Well it looks like Snickers agrees, they retweeted the petition saying if the government makes it official, they’ll give away 1 million free candy bars
  • Skittles, M&M’s, and Twix joined in, encouraging people to sign the petition, however they haven’t offered any free candy just yet

Looks Like The Victoria Secret Fashion Show Cancelled….

  • According to model Shanina Shaik, the Victoria secret Fashion Show is not happening this year
  • She says it’s something she isn’t used to, because at this time every year she’s training for the show, but she believes the company is working on new marketing and branding strategies
  • Although VS hasn’t officially commented, the NYT reported back in May the show would no longer air on broadcast TV, so is it really that far of a stretch?

Woodstock 50 Officially Cancelled

  • Organizers officially announced Wednesday that the festival, which had been scheduled for Aug. 16-18, has officially been canceled after a long series of issues with permits and more.
  • "We are saddened that a series of unforeseen setbacks has made it impossible to put on the Festival we imagined with the great line-up we had booked and the social engagement we were anticipating," Michael Lang, co-founder of the original Woodstock festival, said in a statement
  • Lang said he asked the artists and agents, who’ve already been paid performance fees, to donate 10% of that money to either the voter registration nonprofit HeadCount “or causes of their choice, in the spirit of peace.” 


Lisa Marie Presley’s Tell All Book

  • Lisa Marie Presley is getting ready to sign on for a blockbuster book deal that will reveal “shocking” details about her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, and her father, Elvis Presley
  • She was married to Michael Jackson for 2 years in the ‘90s
  • No word on when the book will be released however

Big Announcement From Universal Orlando Coming Today

  • Universal Orlando has been teasing an “EPIC” announcement with details slated to be released today and the rumor mill is saying the plan is to announce its 3rd theme park…Super Nintendo World, a land based on the beloved video game company
  • Other rumored areas for the new park include sections based on Fantastic Beasts, How to Train Your Dragon, and classic Universal monsters like Frankenstein, the Mummy, and Dracula



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