#411: Free Guac For Natl' Avocado Day, Grey's Anatomy Star Supports Bmore

Happy National Avocado Day!

  • In honor of National Avocado Day, Chipotle is giving away free guac!
  • There’s more avocado inspired deals here!

Ellen Pompeo Shares Love For Baltimore

  • Amid all the controversy and negativity surrounding Baltimore in recent days, Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo decided to share her love for Baltimore on Twitter
  • She tweeted asking to see some of the “gorgeous faces” out there from Baltimore and Baltimoreans did not disappoint
  • She’s been responding& retweeting pictures of people here in Charm City


A Wild Bachelorette Finale

  • Hannah B’s season of the Bachelorette came to a dramatic conclusion last night (as always)
  • Hannah got engaged to Jed, the musician from Nashville…but she took off the ring and called the whole thing off once he admitted to going on the show for his music career and leaving his girlfriend to go on the show
  • It did end on a high note however, Hannah came face to face with her runner up Tyler and asked him on a date! He happily said yes, and Chris Harrison said he would even send a car

Katy Perry Found Guilty of Copyright Infringement

  • Katy Perry is in a little bit of hot water after a jury unanimously found her & 9 other co-defendants guilty of copyright infringement for ripping off the song “Joyful Noise” by Christian rapper Flame in her 2013 hit “Dark Horse”
  • The jury is currently deliberating over what damages are owed


Jessica Alba Hacked…Again

  • Looks like the same people who hacked Jessica Alba’s Twitter account got access to her IG as well
  • Yesterday it was flooded with support for rapper YNW Melly, who is facing a double murder charge in Florida
  • The hacker — who told Alba’s followers to follow them at a Twitter account, @grinchsquad1989 — also posted: “Nazi Germany is innocent no matter what y’all say I swear to God.”



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