Apple Celebrating World Emoji Day By Previewing New Ones!

Happy World Emoji Day!

On July 17th we celebrate the images that make our texts, tweets and social posts that much better and we have some great news! Apple will be expanding this fall with 59 new emoji options which will include new foods, animals and smiley face choices. Apple is really aiming for a more inclusive approach to their emojis with the additions of disability-themed emojis with prosthetic limbs, men & women in wheelchairs, people with white canes to highlight the visually impaired, and a guide dog emoji. It's also widely expected that Apple will add more diversity to its options such as an update to its holding hands emojis to include possible combinations of skin tones and genders.

And don't forget the food! New food emojis are supposed to include a flamingo, sloth, orangutan and a skunk.

What emoji are you hoping makes the cut this time around?



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