ICYMI: Pizza Chain Selling "Just The Crusts" Has Internet Split

Some will argue the crust is the best part of the pizza, and some will tell you that's just crazy talk; but pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen is banking on crust lovers coming through.

Starting July 18th, the pizza chain will be selling "just the crusts," a new item that is exactly what it sounds like, a box of just pizza crusts. Villa Italian Kitchen announced the news on Facebook with a pretty bold statement that has divided the internet. They're calling their new "just the crusts" dish "everyone's favorite part of the pizza." Hmmm....

While there has been lots of positive feedback, some skeptics have raised very legitimate points. One person pointed out they never eat the crust unless it's stuffed, which is SUPER legit....will there be a variety of crusts to choose from? Does the new item include a marinara dipping sauce? Or other dipping sauces? Are those extra? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

This brings me to our next very obvious point from Facebook, aren't these just bread sticks? The answer is yes, technically. However, IMHO, bread sticks are better than pizza crust, bread sticks are lighter and fluffier, where crusts are denser and crusty (love them both BTW). Annd another thing I just thought of as I write this...how are we going about getting "just the crust?" Because if you ask me, the crusts in the picture- abso-freaking-lutely look like someone ate the pizza and then left the crust *insert side eye emoji.*

Regardless of your stance on pizza crust, it's available for you to try and make your own judgement call starting July 18th!

This brings me to our next obvious point pointed out by another Facebook user, aren't these just bread sticks? Yes, I mean technically yes....however IMHO, bread sticks are more perfect than crusts of pizza, light and fluffy, not dense and crusty (totally fine with both BTW). And another question i just came up with while writing this....how exactly are we going about getting "just the crusts?" Becuase



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