Would You Order This "My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry" Side Dish?

Ladies, be honest, how many times have you told your boyfriend/husband, "Oh I'm good I'm not hungry," and inevitably start eating off his plate? GUILTY. i"ve done it an unthinkable amount of times and guess what, I have no shame.

Well Mama D's Restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas inevitably realized this was a funny/not so funny reality for many couples and decided to capitalize on it by adding a My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry option to their menu. It's only $4.25 to add on extra fries and either 2 fried chicken wings or 3 fried cheese sticks to your order, which TBH sounds amazing because this is all I ever want anyways.

Some people are upset & offended by this (because obviously it's the internet), but personally I find it hysterical.



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