Just A Bunch of Pictures of Mouthwatering Food For The 4th of July

If you know anything about me, you know my favorite food in the entire world is hot dogs and my favorite summer activity is a cookout. So basically the Fourth of July is my Super Bowl. Please enjoy all these really delicious looking pictures of dogs, burgers and more in honor of America;s independence!

First & foremost...you should *definitely* follow me on Instagram :) @onairfran! I post really fun things like food and pictures of me drinking wine....because what's better than food & wine?


Are you a fancy hot dog person or just a regular ol' ketchup/mustard/relish person? Spoiler alert: I am both!


Bacon is a non negotiable add on.


Now this plate looks very America to me.


I love pasta salad *almost* as much as I love potato salad and this one is the color of America!!


OMG MINI HOT DOGS!!!! (I have a strange obsession with things in miniature I literally can't explain)


But try and tell me this isn't the most perfect lil classic cheeseburger you ever did see.....


Fourth of July COOKIE CAKE?! Say no more.


Mac n' cheese hot dogs? I don't discriminate!


Are those onion rings?!




Wow I am obsessed with this cake!


TBH I could probably house this entire thing.


Potato salad is the best cookout side dish period.....don't @ me.


And I leave you with an adorable themed assortment of my most favorite food, Happy fourth!!!!



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