Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day is almost here!

The e-commerce giant just revealed for the first time ever, their iconic "Black Friday in July" sale will span 48 hours over July 15th and 16th this summer. This is the fifth year Amazon has hosted the epic sale, available to new & existing premium subscription service members and this year you can snag deals and discounts on more than a million items!

Amazon is promising bargains to pop up as frequently as every 5 minutes plus the inclusion of brick & mortar stores for the very first time. Amazon acquired the grocery chain Whole Foods back in August 2017, and this year they're offering deals on certain items plus a 10% discount on hundreds of products as well. Amazon is also promising another first, pages of specific items produced by local entrepreneurs plus new product launches by major brands.

”It’s the single largest day that we have of acquiring new members,'' says Cem Sibay, vice president of Prime. "But what's more important is the engagement by existing members... It’s considered a core benefit of Prime.''

And don't forget, Prime Day deals pop up early and they've already begun so go check them out!



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