This '80s Movie Is Being Turned Into A Reality Show

Back to School, the 1986 Rodney Dangerfield comedy is getting the reality show treatment because it's 2019 so obviously it is.

Dangerfield starred in the comedy as millionaire Thorton Melon who enrolls in college with his son to keep him from dropping out, to which hilarity, mishaps and more ensue. In typical Dangerfield fashion, he triggers a series of comedic mishaps on campus. The film also features a young Robert Downey Jr. and cameos from Oingo Boingo and Kurt Vonnegut.

MGM has confirmed they're working on a new docu-series based on the 1986 comedy where college kids are joined on campus but the most unlikely of classmates-- their parents. Can you imagine, sororities & fraternities with Mom & Dad, studying for finals together in the library, shots with the folks, ooy vey. Barry Poznick, MGM's President of Unscripted Television expressed his excitement to Variety, “I am so excited to take the premise of one of my favorite films into the unscripted world. Rodney was a comedic genius and his spirit is very much in the DNA of our show’s approach to a dual fish-out-of-water comedic format for audiences to experience along with our parents and kids. I love that grown-ups are going back to school and we are able to capture this with our new series.”

No word yet on a release date or network.



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