411: Build A Bear Pay Your Age Day, Katy Perry & Taylor Swift End Feud

Build A Bear Pay Your Age Day Take 2

  • Last year Build A Bear’s pay your age day was a disaster with out of control lines resulting in the entire event being shut down & the company issuing a public apology
  • They’re giving it another go this year but with limits—you can only participate if you have 1 of the 200,000 winning tickets
  • How do you get your hands on a ticket? The winners will be selected from people who sign up for the company's rewards program between today and June 16th

Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Officially Squash Their Beef

  • It’s one of the most infamous feuds of the decades….Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry—it’s been years long in the making, involving stolen back up dancers, sabotage and much more
  • There were even diss tracks released including Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” & Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish”
  • Well last night Katy Perry posted a picture of a plate of cookies with “Peace At Last” written in red frosting across the top of the plate—she captioned it “feels good (orange heart)” and tagged Taylor Swift; she also put the location as “Let’s Be Friends”
  • Taylor commented with a bunch of pink hearts….rejoice! The feud is finally over! (for now at least)


Tom Hanks Says Toy Story 4 Might Top The First 3

  • Tom Hanks has a pretty bold statement, the 4th Toy Story installment lives up to, and might even top the first 3 films
  • Hanks said in a new interview his kids were questioning whether a 4th installment could come close, let alone live up to the first 3 films…and Hanks believes it does


Amazon Ending Restaurant Delivery Service

  • If you’re someone who uses Amazon for everything, including food delivery, you’re going to have to invest in a different app
  • One thing Amazon hasn’t been able to corner the market on is food delivery, it can’t compete with UberEats, Postmates & Grubhub so the company has decided to end the service all together by June 24th



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