Walmart Wants To Delivery Groceries Into Your Fridge & It's Sorta Creepy

TBH, it's a littttttle weird.

Walmart already offers same day grocery pick-up or delivery, and this, they say, is their logical next step. What they've dubbed "InHome" is their latest and greatest service where not only will your groceries be delivered to your home, but a designated delivery person will actually unload them into your refrigerator.

According to Walmart, a test launch will begin this fall in Pittsburgh; Kansas City, MO; and Vero Beach, FL, with expansion to even more cities in the works and a full, nationwide roll out by Fall 2020. All you do is place a grocery order as you normally would and then select InHome Delivery. You can choose whether they enter your home through the front door or the garage; there will be a smart device that enables one-time access during the delivery window. In what we can only assume is an effort to make you feel secure about your home, the delivery employees will be equipped with a wearable camera, so you can watch the entire grocery drop-off from start to finish. Walmart promises the delivery people will be trained and vetted employees who've already worked at a local store for at least one year.

And to to it all off, Walmart says they're offering this service to bring you a sense of Fridgetopia, a word that fully made up which apparently means "the feeling your refrigerator gets when it’s stocked with everything you need." (??????) Okay, it's a nice thought in theory but I don't think I'd let a stranger into my house to put eggs and milk in my fridge, but that's just me.



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