#411: Uber Might Ban You, IHOP Teases Another Name Change & More!

Uber Might Ban You

  • Uber announced in a new blog post Tuesday that riders may lose access to Uber if they develop a significantly below average rating
  • Uber has refreshed their guidelines and says riders will be given several opportunities to improve their score before ultimately being banned

IHOP Teases Something….Again

  • IHOP pulled the IHOB burger stunt last summer and they’re up to something yet again—they tweeted out a short video of the “b” flipping back to a “p” and the message, “What could the P be? Find out June 3.”
  • We’re all assuming the p doesn’t stand for pancakes anymore obviously, so what could the p mean? Here’s some of the best guesses:
    • International House of PIZZA
    • International House of Pasta
    • International House of Pretzels
    • P is for patience as we’re almost all out of it
    • Please not this again I can’t take it
    • It’s People!!
    • Photosynthesis
    • Peanuts


Jaw Dropping America's Got Talent Audition Brings Judges to Tears, Oprah To Her Feet

  • 22 year old Kodi Lee, is blind & autistic and was escorted onto the AGT stage by his mom Tina, who said music has saved Kodi’s life
  • He took to the stage and brought the judges to tears, and the crowd to their feet
  • Kodi’s audition has racked up 114 million views on Facebook, and new judge Gabrielle Union used her golden buzzer to send him straight to the live rounds


Alex Trebek’s Cancer Is “Near Remission”

  • Alex Trebek has made “mind boggling” progress in his fight against stage 4 pancreatic cancer
  • His doctors have told him he’s near remission, with some of his tumors already shrinking by more than 50%-- they’ve said they “hadn’t seen this kind of positive result in their memory.”
  • According to the American Cancer Society, the survival rate for pancreatic cancer is nine-percent, with just three-percent of patients surviving stage 4 pancreatic cancer for five years
  • And a 30th win last night brings current champ James Holzhauer’s grand total to just over $2.3 million dollars, he’s now only $196,000 away from Ken Jennings…stay tuned!



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