This Life Saving Chart Will Tell You How Many Miles You Can Drive On Empty

Does anyone else get that terrifying cold sweat panic feeling when they see their gas light pop on? Yeah, me too.

Well thanks to YourMechanic, you can officially say goodbye to that cold sweat panic feeling and rest easy because they've compiled a chart that tells you how many miles you can drive when that little light pops on! The chart includes the 50 best-selling cars in the United States in 2015 (yes it's from 4 years ago but it's better than nothing and how much has it really changed?) so you're bound to find your car on the list.

For each make & model, the chart identifies just how much fuel is remaining when the light comes on, and approximately how many miles you can go before you actually run out of gas. Your next step is to definitely screen shot this helpful little chart so when that little light pops on you don't panic and frantically search for a gas station, you can just rest easy and refer to your chart!



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