#411: No GOT Sequels, Ellen DeGeneres' Big Announcement, Free Tacos & More!

Game of Thrones Sequels & Spin Offs Are NOT Happening

  • Front page news this week has been everyone’s displeasure with the way GOT ended
  • Rumors have been swirling that the show could or might redeem itself through spin offs or sequels, but according to HBO that idea is off the table
  • HBO says that doing “a sequel or picking up any of the other characters doesn’t make sense for us,” because they don’t want to “try and re-do the same show.”

Ellen DeGeneres Signs On For 3 More Years

  • Ellen DeGeneres has been hosting her daytime talk show for 16 years now
  • On her show yesterday, she said that’s “a good run”... and she’s ready for more, because she just signed on for three more years on the small screen. Yay!

Steal A Game, Steal A Taco Promo Is Back

  • If a road team wins a game on a home team’s court during the NBA finals, everyone in America gets a free taco from Taco Bell
  • And these aren’t just any regular tacos, they’re the self-dubbed “G.O.A.T. - Greatest Of All Tacos,” the Doritos Locos Taco


Sesame Street Introduces Muppet In Foster Care

  • There's a brand-new muppet in town, and your kids are gonna love her
  • Sesame Street just introduced a new muppet named Karli, who happens to be in foster care and is currently living with her "for-now" parents, Dalia and Clem
  • In an effort to give parents and educators resources to help talk about tough issues — like homelessness and being in foster care — the "Sesame Street in Communities" program made it a point to feature a muppet who shares this experience


Ice T Almost Shot An Amazon Delivery Driver

  • Ice T has a major issue with Amazon delivery drivers…mainly that they don’t wear uniforms
  • Earlier this week he tweeted out: “Message To Amazon: Now that you have regular people making your home deliveries.. Maybe they should wear a Vest with AMAZON DELIVERY on it..... I almost shot a MF creeping up to my crib last night.... Just sayin”
  • Amazon Help has since responded in their very corporate way but Dave Clark, senior vice president of worldwide operations at Amazon has also responded, “Just sayin…thanks for the suggestion. We MF’ing love you and our drivers. Lots of innovations coming on this and many that already exist to help you track your package and delivery on a map. Thanks for being a customer.”



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