#411: Game of Thrones By The Numbers, Celine Dion On Carpool Karaoke & More

Game of Thrones By The Numbers

  • GOT finale ratings are in and the drama series attracted 13.6 million viewers in its initial broadcast Sunday night, beating its own record held by the season 4 premiere of The Sopranos at 13.4 million
  • After factoring in other platforms like HBO Now & HBO Go, viewership jumped to 19.3 million viewers, topping last week’s season high of 18.4 million viewers
  • Fan reactions have been split; a USA Today poll has 60% of fans disliking the finale, it only scored a 48% on the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, and that petition for a redo of season 8 is over 1 million signatures
  • And to add insult to injury, eagle eyed fans have spotted another mistake, a water bottle in the finale

Celine Dion On Carpool Karaoke

  • If you couldn’t stay up late last night we get it, but you probably missed Celine Dion on Carpool Karaoke!
  • Celine & James sing the classics, James teaches Celine “Baby Shark,” and the two give away pairs of Celine’s shoes


John Wick 4 Officially Confirmed

  • John Wick 3 has only been out for less than a week but after a solid debut weekend at the box office, a $57 million dollar weekend to be exact, a fourth installment of the franchise starring Keanu Reeves has been confirmed
  • John Wick 4 will hit theaters May 21st, 20121

Arnold Schwarzenegger Won’t Press Charges

  • On Saturday, a video went viral of the former Republican Governor of California at an Arnold Classic Africa event in Johannesburg, South Africa, when a man rushed and dropkicked Schwarzenegger from behind
  • Arnold shook off the incident tweeting out he was fine shortly after the assault took place and has also come out & said he will not be pressing charges



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