#411: Free Babysitting On Mother's Day, Starbucks Wins In GOT Flub & More!

Kraft Will Pay For Mom’s Babysitter On Mother’s Day

  • Kraft wants to give mothers the “gift of not being needed” for the day so they’re hooking them up with free babysitting
  • Kraft will cover your babysitting costs up to $100 so moms can spend the day doing whatever they want
  • There doesn’t even seem to be a catch—just get yourself a babysitter, and on Mother’s Day come back to their site, submit your bill for childcare and they’ll send you a check to reimburse you


Game of Thrones Starbucks Flub Part II

  • Everyone noticed that Starbucks cup on Sunday’s episode of GOT and so did HBO—after poking fun at it with their response they have officially editing it out of the episode, but the still images will live on
  • The real winner in this is Starbucks, who scored an estimated $2.3 billion dollars in free advertising, and it wasn’t even a Starbucks cup after all

9/11 Fire Fighter’s Shark Tank Invention Now Available at William Sanoma

  • Last fall, an emotional Shark Tank episode showed three siblings pitching a cutting board created by their late father, who passed away from cancer related to his work as a New York City firefighter during 9/11
  • The design and the family's story caught the Sharks' eyes and all five invested in the product
  • Today, the Cup Board Pros is available for purchase in stores and on Williams Sonoma's website


Kacey Musgraves: Model

  • Kacey showed up as a real life Barbie to the Met Gala where she nailed her poses and now it looks like she’ll be doing this on a more full time basis
  • The singer just announced that she’s going to be represented by modeling agency IMG Models
  • No word yet on exactly how this will impact her music career


Disney Updates

  • Disney has announced 3 new untitled Star Wars films to be released starting in 2022
  • Also, the Avatar series, which counts four sequels, will now be pushed back from 2020 to 2021, due to the Star Wars film



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