Dairy Queen Launching "Blizzard Flights" If You Can't Pick Just 1 Flavor

If you're indecisive AF, stop what you're doing and pay attention.

Dairy Queen is famous for their delicious blizzards, and they've always got some of the most mouthwatering flavors. Almost too mouthwatering though, sometimes you just can't decide. Well fear no more, Dairy Queen is officially launching blizzard flights! It's like a flight of beer but for your blizzard cravings! The “Mini Blizzard Treat Flights” come in a super cute cardboard cup holder, almost like a paint palette, which allows you to hold your three different blizzards comfrotably The “Mini Blizzard Treat Flights” come in a super cute cardboard holder, almost like a paint palette, that allows you to hold all three of your blizzard treats comfortably and conveniently in one hand!

In addition to their classic flavors, Dairy Queen is launching some new ones for summer including Oreo Cookie Jar, S’mores and Brownie Dough, while fruit fiends can opt for the Summer Berry Cheesecake, made with real raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. That's not all! Get ready for the Caramel Cannonball, a blend of caramel-coated truffles and crunchy toffee pieces, and Cotton Candy, pink and blue cotton candy sprinkles layered in and on top of the ice cream.

These new blizzard flights will be available through May, so hurry up and grab one while they're still available!



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