#411: Taylor Swift Drops New Song, Bradley Cooper Wants ASIB Reunion & More

Taylor Swift Reveals Nashville Mural, New Song & Video

  • So yesterday Taylor made a surprise appearance in Nashville at the huge butterfly mural by street artist Kelsey Montague, which many fans guessed was a clue about the album
  • During her pop up appearance, she directed everyone to watch the NFL draft last night to find out what her big countdown is all about
  • Fast forward to later that night, she appeared on the draft & told Robin Roberts at midnight she is dropping a new song & video
  • Her new song is called ME! And it features Brendon Urie from the pop group Panic! At The Disco


Bradley Cooper Hopes For A Star Is Born Reunion

  • Bradley Cooper was on the Ellen Show yesterday and the two discussed all of his success that came along with ASIB
  • Ellen asked if he & Lady Gaga would ever go on tour and he said no, but did offer up an alternative, a live reading of the script one night where they sing all the songs together


KFC Releases Chickendales Video For Mother’s Day

  • Having trouble figuring out what to get mom? KFC is offering a customizable “Chickendales” video as an option, and…it’s something
  • You go to Chickendales.com to create a special Mother’s Day video for your mom. You enter in some basic info—like your mom’s name and where she lives—then you see a brief ad about a special KFC treat in your area. And then...it gets truly epic.
  • It’s led by a muscly Colonel Sanders with a bunch of shirtless Magic Mike wannabees in the background
  • The dance, shirtless and gyrate a lot with little sayings thrown in like “you’re the best,” and “this is for you”


Scarlett Johansson Interested In A Career In Politics

  • “Maybe some time in the future," ScarJo says. “I think the greatest way to effect change is in local politics. Maybe at some point in the distant future I will feel that calling, but I just haven’t.”
  • The actress made another revelation -- she hasn't seen Endgame. The star, who plays Black Widow in the franchise, said, “One thing I can say is that my hope is…this is a cathartic experience for the audience. I hope that it has a bittersweet, satisfying feeling for people.”



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