You Have To See This Girl's Epic Meltdown Over Her Instagram Being Deleted

There's dramatic, then there's totally and completely unhinged lunacy.

Jessy Taylor, an Instagram model/influencer, posted a video to YouTube of herself having a full on meltdown, tears, sobbing and all because her Instagram page was deleted. For an unknown reason, her Instagram page kept getting reported, so Instagram deleted the entire thing, all 110,000 followers she had which has caused her to fly into an emotional downward spiral claiming her "life is ruined."

She makes some pretty bold claims during her hissy fit including, "I am nothing without my following," "I make all of my money online and I don't wanna lose that" and "The people who work 9-5 – that is not me, I am in LA to not be like that.”

Ooy vey, not a good look for millennials.



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