All The Biggest Questions Surrounding The Final Season of "Game of Thrones"

The long, painful wait is finally over! The eighth and final season of George RR Martin's fantasy smash hit Game of Thrones is set to premiere this Sunday night on HBO and there are still A LOT of unanswered questions...hopefully we get answers in the finale! But the real question is, will we even be happy with the answers we get? Fans have been told that the ending is “bittersweet,” and many of the stars have “mixed feelings” about it. Check out everything we're still wondering about!

What’s the deal with Bran’s abilities? We know Bran has “greensight,” which gives him prophetic dreams. He discovered his bird form, the Three-Eyed-Raven, through the dreams, can witness any event in Westeros, and even take over the bodies of animals. So, does that mean he could take over a dragon? And how was the Night King able to touch him during one of his visions? What’s the real deal?

Are Jon Snow and Daenerys going to find out their related… or what? So, Jon Snow and Daenerys are in a hot n’ heavy romance… but we know thanks to Bran that Jon is technically Daenerys’ nephew. How will they react if they find out they’re related? Keep in mind, those kinds of relationships aren’t exactly frowned upon in the world of “Game Of Thrones” –ahem, Cersei and her brother Jaime.

Will all of Cersei’s prophecy come true? Almost all of Cersei’s prophecy has come true: she married Robert and not Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, Robert had 20 fatherless children, she gave birth to her three children… but there’s one missing. Who is the younger queen coming for her?

How did Tyrion convince Cersei’s truce with Daenerys? All we know is Tyrion and Cersei had a meeting, and after said meeting she decided to call a truce with Daenerys and the Northern armies. While we know she had a plan all along, and that of course had a role in her cease-fire, what did Tyrion tell her to bring about that decision?

Where the heck is Melisandre? The last time we saw the the Red Priestess, she was telling Varys she was heading to Volantis and that she’d return to Westeros “one last time.” Is she actually going to get some followers or maybe an army to bring back?… hopefully we’ll find out this season.

Is Ned Stark actually alive? If there’s one thing we know about “Game Of Thrones,” character deaths are never for certain. I mean, remember what happened to Jon Snow? So, could Ned Stark actually have been in hiding this whole time after being resurrected?

Is Arya even really Arya anymore? Similarly, there’s a theory that Arya may have been an imposter ever since she fought the Waif. We never saw her die or the Waif die, we just saw Arya emerge from the dark room. Seeing as the Waif can steal the faces of the dead, it’s possible Arya isn’t her true self.

Game Of Thrones Trailer

And the biggest question of all....who will take the Iron Throne? Who’s it going to be? Daenerys? Cersei? Jon Snow? Gendry, the last Baratheon? Will there even be an Iron Throne by the end? Daenerys did have that vision that implied the Throne may be destroyed or otherwise cease to exist.

Regardless of the outcome, it's sure to be an action packed ride to the finale! The final season of Game of Thrones premieres Sunday, April 14th at 9pm EST on HBO.



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