#411: Taco Bell Hiring Parties, Target's Sensory Friendly Furniture & More!

Taco Bell Is Holding Hiring Parties

  • Taco bell is getting creative when it comes to hiring, throwing 600 “Hiring Parties” at the end of the month
  • These hiring parties will include free food, trivia games, Instagram photo ops and Taco Bell swag
  • Some of the perks include scholarship opportunities, tuition assistance and educational counseling
  • Qualified candidates will be interviewed and potentially hired on the spot 


Target’s Coming Out With A Sensory Friendly Kids’ Furniture Line

  • The Pillowfort collection is cool for all kids, but it was specifically created to meet the needs of kids who prefer sensory-friendly designs
  • The line includes around 20 pieces ranging from $20 to $100 and it’s all functional and adorable, just like we’d expect from Target
  • Items include a cozy bean bag cocoon chair, floor cushions for chilling out, an ottoman and lounge chair, weighted blankets, a hideaway tent & more


The Bezos Divorce Is Final

  • Jeff Bezos is $36 billion poorer after finalizing his divorce
  • Jeff is still the richest man in the world with another $100 billion laying around. And MacKenzie is now the fourth richest women in the world -- so it's a win-win
  • Jeff keeps 75 percent of their Amazon shares, which is about 12% of the company, while MacKenzie gave up all of her interests in the Washington Post and the Aerospace company Blue Origin"
  • Jeff & MacKenzie ended things after 25 years of marriage, 4 kids, & 1 known affair

Netflix Prince Hike Takes Effect Next Month

  • Your Netflix subscription will officially get more expensive next month as the company’s price increase takes place
  • Netflix has been sending reminders to their subscribers that their monthly fee will increase by a few dollars to help offset costs of original programming
  • They’re set to spend $15 billion on content this year, a $3 billion dollar increase from last year



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