#411: Orioles Introduce New Food, Charmin's New "Forever Roll" & More!

Orioles Introduce New Concession Food

  • Boog’s BBQ is expanding with an outdoor smoker
  • Harris Creek Oyster & Seafood will offer fresh, local and ice-cold oysters shucked on the half shell, a fried Cajun catfish sandwich and oyster po’boys
  • The Camden Classic Frank and Camden Jumbo Frank by Hoffman’s Meats in Hagerstown, MD will be available starting April 19th
  • Other new additions include acai bowls, family style chicken tender basket, jumbo lump crab cake sandwich, gravy fry chipper, Mexican street corn, Pigtown stack, sweet heat chicken sandwich, Doritos nachos & more!


Charmin Is Selling A Forever Roll of Toilet Paper That Will Last You A Month

  • Apparently there’s a market for toilet paper rolls that last you an entire month? Who knows
  • Charmin’s new “Forever Roll” is so big it needs its own special dispenser & will last you a month
  • The starter kit which includes 3 forever rolls and a free stand start around $29


Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman Appear in Court

  • Both actresses appeared in federal court in Boston yesterday for their part in the college bribery scandal
  • Neither entered a plea, however prosecutors are open to that route but not without jail time
  • Lori and Felicity each face a maximum of 5 years in prison if convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud


Heinz Introducing “Kranch” Dipping Sauce

  • Heinz is really taking this sauce thing to a new level with "Kranch" dipping sauce hitting shelves this month
  • They’ve combined ranch dressing & ketchup...when will the madness end?


Dub Step Music Might Be The Answer To Warding Off Mosquitoes

  • Researchers have found dub step music, the high & low frequencies, can disrupt mosquitoes brain function & help prevent bites
  • Music like Skrillex's "Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites" was specifically cited in the study
  • Researchers are hoping this will provide new avenues to protect people from bites and more importantly mosquito born diseases



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