#411: Brunchables, Verizon's Kids Plan, GOT Made Joe Jonas Sign NDA & More!

Lunchables Introducing Brunchables

  • Not an April Fools prank, a reality, Brunchables are coming
  • Lunchables announced a new breakfast line in which they’ve named “Brunchables”—there are 3 varieties Bacon & Cheese, Breakfast Ham & Cheese and Breakfast Sausage & Cheese
  • Through April 4, fans can put their name on a brunch wait list for a chance to win an "exclusive first taste" of Brunchables atBrunchablesIsReal.com


Verizon Launches “Just Kids” Plan

  • Verizon is hoping to be parents go to when it comes to their kids first phone plan
  • Verizon’s “Just Kids” plan consists of unlimited talk & text to 20 parent pre-approved contacts (pricing will vary)
  • The “Just Kids” plan also comes with the company's Smart Family service, allowing parents to track location, control online screen time and limit the type of content a child is exposed to—it also contains a “pause internet” function & parents can also change the child’s 20 contacts

Game of Thrones Drops New Trailer

  • Ahead of the final season premiere on April 14th, GOT dropped another trailer for the final season yesterday which seems to show the aftermath of the highly anticipated Battle of Winterfell
  • Speaking of GOT…Joe Jonas who is engaged to Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark on the show had to sign an NDA before she could tell him the ending of the show


Avengers Endgame Pre-Sale Breaks The Internet

  • So many people tried to get in on the pre-sale for Avengers Endgame that it literally broke the internet, crashing several sites like AMC
  • Fandango started by putting people in virtual waiting rooms with wait times upwards of an hour before officially pausing sales altogether
  • Ticket sales broke every record in the book, but not everyone got their hands on them unfortunately
  • Mere hours after they went on sale resellers were already listing tickets on Ebay for anywhere from $100-$500 a pop!!
  • The film hits theaters April 26th

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Join IG

  • Prince Harry & Meghan Markle have veered even farther away from the royal traditions by creating their own Instagram account
  • Their account debuted their new logo, a hybrid M & H, their handle is @RoyalSussex and they already have over 2 million followers



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