#Bagelgate Has Lit The Internet On Fire

What is being deemed #Bagelgate has horrified the internet and basically ignited a full out war on the correct way to cut a bagel.

A man named Alek Krautmann tweeted out a picture of 2 boxes of bagels from Panera cut vertically, like a bunch of slices of bread, versus the normal and sane way to cut a bagel, horizontally. WORST OF ALL, not only does he claim this is normal, but says it's a "well-known secret in St. Louis" and was a big hit with his office?! Who is this monster?


Here's the thing though, this horrifying food crime has reached people near & far via Twitter and they have some thoughts.....

  • “On behalf of the New York Delegation: St. Louis, fuhgeddaboudit,” Senator Chuck Schumer shares.
  • While NYPD Chief of Detective Dermot Shea, tweeted. “Thank you for reporting this crime, but we only serve New York City, where this would NEVER happen.”
  • Finally, one person joked, “I’m reporting you to my rabbi.”
  • Even someone in St. Louis can't get behind them, noting, " I’m from St. Louis and I’ve never seen a carb treated so callously! How dare you sir!”

How do you cut your bagel? And if it's not horizontally, get out.



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