#411: Nutella M&Ms, Uber's Ride Pass To Baltimore, Jussie Smollett & More!

Nutella M&Ms Are Coming

  • Technically they’re hazelnut spread M&M’s, your classic M&Ms with a hazelnut center but according to the food bloggers, they taste just like Nutella
  • Expect to see them on store shelves next month!


Uber Brings “Ride Pass” To Baltimore

  • Uber’s subscription service has officially rolled out in Baltimore
  • For $25 a month, it allows riders to lock in to discounted trip prices that will not be affected by surge pricing, time of day, traffic or weather
  • Uber says it can result in about 15% savings per ride

Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart Recreate Titanic Scene

  • To promote their spinoff show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge, they’ve released a new promo where the two have recreate the iconic “flying” scene from the Titanic
  • Except you have Martha playing Leo’s role and Snoop taking the place of Kate Winslet
  • Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge premieres April 3rd on VH1


Mr. Trash Wheel’s Trashy Bashy

  • Happy 5th birthday to Baltimore beloved Mr. Trash Wheel
  • To celebrate, city officials are having a birthday party!
  • The 'Classy Trashy Birthday Bashy,' and it will be held on Saturday, May 11 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Peabody Heights Brewery


Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

  • Prosecutors have dropped more than a dozen charges against the “Empire” actor – saying instead that they’ve agreed to an “alternative disposition”
  • The First Assistant State's Attorney says this is not an exoneration & they believe he did with what he was charged with doing—however, apparently they aren’t interested in prosecuting b/c he has no prior record or history of violence and he was charged w/ low level felonies
  • He performed 16 hours of community service & forfeited his $10k bond to the state
  • Chicago PD & the mayor are extremely unhappy & say the case should’ve been tried & justice was not served

HOWEVER, there seems to have been some shady business happening……

  • Apparently Michelle Obama's former chief of staff, Tina Tchen, emailed State Attorney Kim Foxx to say that she was reaching out on behalf of Jussie's family to express 'concerns' they had with how the investigation at that point was being handled."
  • Foxx responded to Tchen on February 1st, saying she spoke to Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and "convinced him to reach out to FBI to ask that they take over the investigation." 
  • Later that day, an unnamed relative of Jussie's texted Foxx, and when Foxx said she was working on getting the FBI to take over the case. The relative responded, "Omg this would [be] a huge victory." Foxx replied, "I make no guarantees, but I'm trying."
  • When Jussie became a suspect, Foxx recused herself -- but her office still made the surprising move to drop all 16 charges against the actor for allegedly faking his hate crime



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