#411: IKEA's Easter Buffet, Bill & Ted Are Back, Magic Beer Fridge & More!

Spend Easter At IKEA With The Swedish Buffet

  • On April 5th IKEA will be celebrating Easter early inside their café in their stores with an all you can eat buffet
  • $16.99 for adults, $4.99 for kids 12 & under and will feature their famous Swedish meatballs, along with other classic Swedish dishes including herring, salmon, and ham, as well as Swedish cucumber salad and plenty of desserts
  • Space is limited so IKEA recommends getting tickets sooner rather than later
  • And good news! Our local IKEA is taking part in the buffet!


New Bill & Ted Movie In The Works

  • Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter made the announcement that this summer they’ll start shooting Bill & Ted Face The Music, the 3rd installment of the franchise
  • The duo hit it big back in 1989 with Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure & then again in 1991 with Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey
  • Bill & Ted Face The Music is expected to hit theaters in August 2020


Ice Cold Fridge Full Of Beer Found In Flood Ravaged Nebraska Field

  • A devastating combination of heavy rainfall and snowmelt has led to record flooding in the Midwest
  • 75 cities in Nebraska to declare states of emergency
  • The water has started to recede so many people have returned home to start clean up
  • 2 friends, Kyle & Gayland spent all day cleaning mud up from one of their yards and when they were on their way back to their car, they spotted a fridge in the middle of the field
  • When they opened it, it was full of ice cold beer—they cracked open & Bud Light & Bush Light & the two friends say it was sent from the heavens
  • They did eventually find the owner however who saw their Facebook post

Gucci Is Selling “Distressed Tennis Sneakers” For $1000

  • The Screener shoes feature classic elements from the brand: green and red stripes, and “Gucci” imprinted on the back—they look like everyone’s old tennis shoes from the ‘90s, real talk
  • The brand describes the style as “treated for an allover distressed effect” and is selling four different versions, two for men and two for women
  • The women’s Screener Strawberry sneaker retails for $980, while the version with cherries costs $1,250. For men’s, the Screener leather sneaker is $870, and the GG high-top retails for $930


UK Family Will Pay You $53,000/Year To Be A Part Time Disney Nanny

  • A British family is seeking a nanny who's willing to dress up as a Disney Princess every day
  • The successful candidate will be tasked with inspiring 5-year-old twins by playing the parts of Princesses Anna, Merida, Belle, Cinderella, and more
  • The nanny will have to pick the twins up from school four days a week, organize Disney-related activities, bake, sing, cook dinner, and sometimes put the girls to bed
  • The role is part-time and comes with a salary of £40,000 ($53,000), while the cost of the costumes will also be covered



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