#411: J. Rod Engagement Photos, #TrashTag, & The Bachelor Finale


J. Rod Engagement Photos

  • J. Lo posted pictures of her engagement to A. Rod on Instagram & the proposal has been borderline upstaged by his enormous World Series ring
  • J. Lo’s ring was definitely more expensive though, the baseball legend reportedly paid $1.8 million for the 16-carat diamond stunner


#TrashTag Challenge Is Getting Bored Teens Cleaning Up Trash

  • Facebook user Byron Roman challenged all “bored teens” to take a picture of an area littered with trash, clean it up and then post an after picture and hashtag it #TrashTag—his post has been shared over 300,000 times
  • Since his post has gone viral, his proposal has as well with thousands of #TrashTag hashtags popping up over social media
  • This was originally launched a few years ago by an outdoor equipment company but reignited by Roman’s viral post


The Bachelor Finale

  • Night 2 of the finale opens up to Chris Harrison welcoming us from the Tealight Candle Thunderdome & we pick up where Monday night left off
  • Colton loves Cassie, but Cassie dumped Colton, so Colton jumped a fence and tried to run away, with detective Chris Harrison leading a search party for Colton on a dark Portuguese road
  • They eventually find him, he swears he’s “done” with the show, someone convinces him he can’t be & that’s not how it works—cue the next day
  • He then had to end things with 2 of the remaining 3 women, Tayshia & Hannah, everyone sobbed and he was off to win back Cassie
  • Colton then shows up at Cassie’s door to try and win her back saying all he wants is a second chance
  • She agrees and then Colton convinces her to come to Spain to meet his family
  • This season did not end with a proposal, but they are together & in love



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