#411: Taylor Swift's Stalker Arrested Again, R. Kelly Interview & More!

Taylor Swift Stalker Arrested….Again

  • Roger Alvarado was arrested this week after breaking into the singer’s Manhattan apartment
  • It was the second time he broke into her building in less than a year
  • He got in by climbing a ladder in the back of the building and then throwing a concrete block through a glass patio door—he ransacked the place according to authorities
  • Swift already has an order of protection taken out against Alvarado, who last month was sentenced to six months probation for breaking into the home last April
  • This time he’s been charged with stalking, burglary, felony criminal contempt for violating the order of protection, criminal mischief and two counts of burglar tools. The burglary is also a violation of his probation


R. Kelly Doc. Air In Prime Time Tonight

  • The Gayle King Interview with R. Kelly has been moved to the prime time spot on CBS—it’ll air tonight at 8pm
  • CBS This Morning has been showing clips from her sit down with both R. Kelly and the 2 women who live with him
  • For the record, R. Kelly was arrested on 10 sexual abuse charges but denies everything and the 2 women who live with him claim their parents basically sold them to him and are just after money
  • The 80 minutes interview in its entirely will air tonight at 8pm on CBS


Radio Stations Pulling Michael Jackson Music Amid “Leaving Neverland” Documentary

  • The New York Times reported stations in both New Zealand and Canada plus 1 in the UK have stopped playing Michael Jackson’s music amid HBO’s documentary about his alleged sexual abuse against 2 boys
  • New Zealand’s major broadcaster MediaWorks group content director for radio, confirmed the decision on Wednesday saying the company isn’t “deciding whether Michael Jackson is guilty of pedophilia or not; we’re just merely trying to make sure that our radio stations are going to play the music that people want to hear.”



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